Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein

Zach Klein
Columbus City Attorney
77 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Office Directory

City Attorney

Zach Klein, City
Ed Roberts, Chief of
Gina Space, Special Assistant to City



Brian Shinn, Deputy Chief of
Terri Fassbender, HR
Christi Plantz, Fiscal
Bridget DeCrane, Grant
Michael Owen, Fiscal/Payroll

Community and Government Affairs

Gretchen James, Director of Community/Government


Meredith Tucker, Deputy Chief of Staff for


Ronnie Maynard, IT
Jay Saunders, IT

Civil Division

General Counsel

Joshua T. Cox, Chief
Wendi Bootes, General Counsel
Charles Campisano, General Counsel
Sarah Harrell, General Counsel
Alexandra Pickerill, General Counsel
Michael Class, Civil
Sarah Feldkamp, Civil
Samantha Hobbs, Civil

Labor and Employment

Pamela Gordon, Section
Rich Coglianese, Labor and Employment
Cynthia Peterson, Labor and Employment
Jennifer Shea, Labor and Employment
Susan Thompson, Labor and Employment


Tim Mangan, Section
Janet Hill Arbogast, Litigation
Michael Halloran, Litigation
Paula Lloyd, Litigation
Andrew D. M. Miller, Litigation
Westley Phillips, Litigation

Civil Legal Assistants

Katie Aukerman, Paralegal/Legal
Laura Kulina,
Gregory Pendy, Legal Administrative


Brian Shinn, Chief of Claims
Paul Khoury, Claims
Brent Ralston, Claims
Tanya Banks, Legal Administrative
Tonya Bowles, Paralegal/Legal
Daniel Herbert, Paralegal/Legal
William Lassiter, Paralegal/Legal

Real Estate Division

David Peterson, Chief Real Estate
Jeffrey Bennington, Real Estate
Anthony Roseboro, Real Estate
Thomas D'Amico, Real Estate
Shyna Gawell, Real Estate
Jacqueline Maldonado, Legal Admin.
Alexis Pannell, Legal
Darren Rigel, Real Estate
Joshua Roberts, Real Estate
Juilene White, Legal

Solicitor General

Solicitor General

Lara Baker-Morrish , City Solicitor
Amy O'Grady , Deputy Solicitor
Melanie Tobias , Deputy Solicitor

Prosecution Division


Bill Hedrick, Chief
Joseph Gibson, Deputy Chief
Bonnie Finneran, Executive
Brittany Razek, Executive

Trial Staff

Christopher Clark,
Brandon Edwards,
Eliana Elizalde,
Seth Enlow,
Alexander Fowler,
Rachel Martin,
Johanni Martin Luna,
Joshua Monroe,
Andria Noble,
Douglas Nobles,
Don Olsen, Jr.,
Cody Reed,
Michael Shaw,
Christopher Shook,
Matthew Sturtz,
Haidy Tawadros,
Cedric Ware,

Arraignment Team

Amy Meyers, Sr. Prosecutor, Team
Michael Allbritain, Sr.
LaDonna Little, Legal Administrative
Cynthia Spanski, Legal Administrative
DeLandro Williams, Legal Administrative
Latosha Young, Legal Administrative

Legal Assistants

Tiffany Kinder, Office
Sherrie Aaron, Legal Administrative
Kristin Blevins, Legal Administrative
Ronica Broadus, Legal Administrative
Traci DeLaBarre, Legal Administrative
Jennifer Evans, Legal Administrative
Michael Flannagan, Legal Administrative
Janis Gray, Legal Administrative
David Jenkins, Legal Administrative
Zayd Latif, Legal Administrative
Aaron Rinehart, Legal Administrative

Prosecution Resources Unit

Robert Tobias, Prosecution Resources Unit
Rebecca Alexander, Victim
Judy Spitler, Victim

Intake Section

Fallon Geer, Intake


Mercedes Wiley, Mediation

Check Resolution

Barb Williams, Check Resolution

Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit

Anne Murray, Domestic Violence
Mary Lynn Caswell, Sr. Domestic Violence
Allison Lippman, Sr. Domestic Violence
Yasmine Makridis, Domestic Violence
Stephen Steinberg, Sr. Domestic Violence
Michael Wander, Sr. Domestic Violence
Barbara Estes, Data Entry
Jackie Keller, Legal Investigator/
Marjorie Parsons, Legal Administrative
Arvetta Simpson, Legal Administrative

Domestic Violence Advocates

Kimberly Kidd, Administrative Services
Amber Howell, Courtroom Advocate
Marissa Barragan, Victim
Melissa Capobianco, Victim
Logan Contos, Victim
Vannessa Cooper, Victim
Makayla Crenshaw, Victim
Deandre Criddell, Victim
Hollie Daniels, Victim
Trisha Fry, CHOICES Legal Advocate
Kathy Leon, Victim
Aaron Lombardo, Victim
Betty Montero, Victim
Julia Pavlic, Arraignment Court
Benjamin Reis, Victim
Megha Rimal, Victim
Kaitlyn Roughton, Victim
Nicole Simcox, F.C.C.S.
Shannon White, Victim

Stalking Advocates

David Fox, Cyber
Julienne Long, Stalking

Appellate Unit

Orly Ahroni, Appellate Unit
Isaac Rinsky, Appellate
Joy Riley,
Shahed Al-asadi, Appellate
Kiriaki Grammenidis, Appellate
Everardo Hernandez, Jr., Appellate
Joshua McCarroll, Appellate
Andres Olivari Rodriguez, Appellate
Margaret O’Shea, Appellate

Zone Initiative

Steve Dunbar, Section
Shayla Favor, Assistant City
Zachary Gwin, Assistant City
Katarina Karac, Assistant City
Tiara Ross, Assistant City
William Sperlazza, Assistant City
Simone Burley,
Frank Gill, Zone Initiative
Anneliese Rankin,
Karla Rumora, Legal Administrative
Samantha Hobbs, Zone
Jonathan Wygonski, Zone

Police Legal

Jeffrey Furbee, Section
Deana Leffler, Police Legal
Laura Hopkins, Police Legal