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The Domestic Violence & Stalking Unit is located in the Prosecutor Division of the Columbus City Attorney’s Office. The Unit is located on the 17th floor of 375 S. High St. Our staff is comprised of victim advocates who are there to provide you with information about the court process, answer your questions, and work as your connection to the prosecutor who will be handling your case.

When someone has been arrested on a charge of Domestic Violence, they usually make their first appearance in court the next morning, except on Sundays. If you are the victim on such a case, we encourage you to come to our office by 8:30 that morning so that we can provide you with information about what to expect in court, and help you obtain a protection order, if you so desire. Our service is free of charge and so are the protection orders that we help you obtain.

After the first court date your case will be assigned to a permanent judge, prosecutor, and advocate. Your advocate will likely contact you between court dates and let you know what to expect. They will also assist you with community referrals and any other support you may need, including a safe place to wait when you are subpoenaed for court dates.

If you suspect you are a victim of Stalking, we recommend you contact our office and ask to speak with a Stalking advocate. This advocate will gather pertinent information from you and set up a time to meet and go over your case more thoroughly. Between your initial contact and your interview, it is important that you call the police whenever your stalker contacts you and that you ask them to take a report. It is also important that you keep your own log or journal of events as they occur. If Stalking charges are filed for you, the Stalking advocate will also assist you in obtaining a protection order and in navigating the court system.

If you have any questions regarding the issues of Domestic Violence or Stalking, please contact our office at 614-645-6232.

Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit:

Mary Lynn Caswell, Domestic Violence
Christopher Clark, Domestic Violence
Elena Tuhy-Walters, Domestic Violence
Stephen Steinberg, Sr. Domestic Violence
Matthew Sturtz, Domestic Violence
Michael Wander, Sr. Domestic Violence
Barbara Estes, Data Entry
Jackie Keller, Legal Investigator/
Marjorie Parsons, Legal Administrative
Arvetta Simpson, Legal Administrative

Domestic Violence Advocates:

Amber Howell, Advocacy
Marissa Barragan, Victim
Logan Contos, Victim
Hollie Daniels, Victim
Raquel Delgado, Victim
Makaylah Downour, Victim
Brenda Gray, Victim
Aaron Lombardo, Victim
Julia Pavlic, Arraignment Court
Benjamin Reis, Victim
Keionna Riddlebarger, Victim
Megha Rimal, Victim
Kaitlyn Roughton, Victim
Nicole Simcox, F.C.C.S.
Caroline Todd, Victim
Shannon White, Victim

Stalking Advocates:

David Fox, Cyber
Julienne Long, Stalking